Screenspares offer a comprehensive range of efficient belt scraping units to the OEM’s and Quarry and Mining industries.

We offer a range of Polyurethane Scrapers to suit a variety of applications. The scraper shafts are available in a various lengths and can be tailored to suit each individual conveyor.

Two types of head scraper blades are available, Polyurethane and Tungsten tipped.  Both scapers are identical in shape except the Tungsten Carbide scraper has a blade moulded into the tip.

Blades can come complete with a captive bar and are bolted to the shaft via two bolts which makes them quick to change.

Both scraper blades use the same brackets and tensioning system held on the belt by use of a double spring loaded mechanism which is simple therefore easy to maintain.

Shafts are electro plated and stainless steel fixing kits are available at extra cost.

Rubber and polyurethane can be supplied in any size for simple counter weighted scrapers and in some cases replacement blades can be supplied for older scraper assemblies.

Head scrapers available ex. stock.